an open letter to everyone


Dear Sir or Madam and to my dearest friends,

How are you these days? How are the kids?

I’ve been busking a lot lately. I started to see myself as a busking outlawish gentleman. It feels a bit like people are thinking I’m doing crooked dealings, as I’m literally living on the streets of Berlin. Don’t get me wrong, I am basically what people would call a singer-songwriter, but these days I feel more like an outlaw, a gentle outlaw.
So beside playing on streets, you find me doing my thing at countless open stages and finally at some events/festivals, you might have seen me somewhere. Say “hello” next time.

“I neither do music for money nor for success. I do it because I have no choice. It is a necessity.”

I guess someone said this before

Remember my old acoustic archtop guitar? I like the special atmosphere it creates: A mixture of old radio recordings and modern folk-rock.
Lately I discovered “open tunings” to be very interesting to sing along.

My friends, feel free to send me a booking-request, I’ll kindly reply with much pleasure.

Yours faithfully,

Finn Dorian

from the road


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